Wednesday, 26 June 2019

If you do not want to be old enough then read this special

Who do you like to become older and who do not always like to be young on the other side?  If you always want to stay young and do not want to be old enough then it is important to keep an eye on certain things.

 We have seen many people around us who have grown old in the younger age, and there are some people who look like young Tarvaris even 65 years old.  If we take care of some things then we will never grow old.  One thing to think about is how many hours you sit in a day.  We work from the brain.  The brain is always running, sometimes even if we go to sleep, it is still running, but we do not even tire to move the body.


 According to a research, this causes the body cells to grow eight years earlier.  Remember that the body will run as much as we can.  We are of the day
 We spend most of the time in the house.

 You might have even figured that our body is weaker than our predecessors.  The reason is that we do not bother as much as our body.  You can not even do 50 years of work that your grandparents did not do.  By resting the body we have made it more vulnerable.  Lifestyle Diseases are being taken home due to sedentary life.  Due to weight gain, its direct impact occurs on bones and muscles.  Bone degeneration also starts at a younger age.


Do not stop aging

 Do not stop aging
 - The body is machine.  As the machine is used without using it, rust is taken as well as the body also.  Physical Activity
 Increasingly early can be prevented by aging.
 Talk about walking instead of sitting on the phone while talking on the phone.
 Do yourself a small job at home.  Do not stay in one place.
 The organism that is used less is soon wound up.  At first, the problem of knee problem is more.  Be prepared for an active lifestyle so that it does not happen.
 Make habit of walking in the morning and evening.  Yoga and Beaten

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