Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The life of each married woman and man will become beautiful after reading this

The life of each married woman and man will become beautiful after reading this

In one family, there were four members with husband, wife and two children. A day after dinner, the husband and wife were talking on the roof of the house. The husband said, Tomorrow Bano was very sad to call me on my mobile phone. Brother and sister-in-law now earnestly do not care.

Before she said anything to her husband, she said, If brother or sister does not pay attention to the earnest money then what do we have to do? The husband said softly,I think that taking my wife to our house is. Being angry at this age is not good. Why do I stay and trouble me?

The wife said in a loud voice, Do you think that Bani's problem and I have no idea of ​​my problem? If I come, my work will increase, my independence will be snatched, I have to be in the service of all those I can not bear. If you think so much then you should come to the door but I do not want to come into this house.

The next day the wife went out for some work, then her husband brought her home. Arrange to stay in the following room for Ba. When the wife came home from the outside, she noticed that some of the room in the room below was lying in the outer hall.

She asked her husband, Why did you get out of this stuff?

The husband said in a loud voice, I do not want to stay with me and I have brought Bani to you and have put the luggage in the following room so that extra luggage can be taken out.

The wife's anger reached the seventh heaven after listening to her husband. I do not want you to stay in this house for a day. Please return them or else I will go to my brother.

The voice came from the next room, Son, you do not have to come to me. I am coming here. You did not bring your father to your son because he was not your brother-in-law, his brother-in-law bothered your wife.

Hearing the voice of the mother, the wife's anger disappeared in a moment. Went into the running room and opened the door. His beliefs were stubborn because he kept crying in front of his eyes.

Husband said to his wife, If you love your mother a lot, do not I have any right to love my mother?

Every woman loves her parents as much as they love. If her mother-in-law can do to father-in-law, then no child will be separated from her parents. If you want to save your brother and sister-in-law as your daughter, then what is the problem in saving your mother in law?