Sunday, 17 March 2019

For these reasons the children are born before weakness and time,

For these reasons the children are born before weakness and time

For these reasons, weakness and premature babies are born, having a mineral selenium deficiency is the biggest risk factor. This has been claimed by experts. Experts studied 126 children born with very little weight for this research, and their reason for such an

absence was found to be low in serum selenium levels. 75% of newborns involved in the research have died. On the basis of this study, archivists have recommended constant testing of selenium levels and improvement in pregnant women.

Selenium is an element that helps in the formation of nutrients in the body in very small quantities. The special thing is that, in areas where the soil is dry and water deficient, selenium levels remain higher than normal. But where the water is high and soil is wet, its level is reduced. These levels are very low in flood-prone areas.

Syrup selenium level 9.49 micrograms were found in infants who were involved in the study and 9.86 micrograms were found in the children. As well as an average 30-week average baby, the selenium-level average was 8.9.


Pregnant women should be tested on time level of Selenium. If the mother has less level then supplements should be taken to remove its deficiency. In addition, the diet should include wheat and cereals, bananas, spinach, milk and yogurt, fish, eggs, cashew, mushroom, sunflower seeds, brown rice.