Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Do you know if you are suffering from skin disease

 Do you know if you are suffering from skin disease

If you are suffering from skin diseases, then if you have a skin disease in a similar way, then you can use a different item such as a powder or a balm, and apply it and put it out. Treatment is to be believed by Santos

The skin and the stomach can be eliminated from the root, due to the ingredients found in the kitchen in the home, all the problems can be eradicated.

Our skin is made up of many layers of cloves to remove the skin diseases, cloves, cloves, turmeric,

100 gm anise
1 teaspoon turmeric
10-15 cloves
2- 3 lateral flower

Mix all these ingredients and make powder in the meat. When the powder is cooked, it will not

become ghee. Tiarbad boiled hot water in a vessel. Once the water becomes hot, add a tablespoon of the powder, and put the powder in it and let the gas Cover five minutes

 Pissi drinks this water in a little cold water. Drink all the ingredients and drink it at night and drink it, add it to the powder, keep it dry for 20 days and drink it once a day and a day.