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If you do not want to be old enough then read this special

Who do you like to become older and who do not always like to be young on the other side?  If you always want to stay young and do not want to be old enough then it is important to keep an eye on certain things.

 We have seen many people around us who have grown old in the younger age, and there are some people who look like young Tarvaris even 65 years old.  If we take care of some things then we will never grow old.  One thing to think about is how many hours you sit in a day.  We work from the brain.  The brain is always running, sometimes even if we go to sleep, it is still running, but we do not even tire to move the body.


 According to a research, this causes the body cells to grow eight years earlier.  Remember that the body will run as much as we can.  We are of the day
 We spend most of the time in the house.

 You might have even figured that our body is weaker than our predecessors.  The reason is that we do not bother as much as our body.  You can not even do 50 years of work that your grandparents did not do.  By resting the body we have made it more vulnerable.  Lifestyle Diseases are being taken home due to sedentary life.  Due to weight gain, its direct impact occurs on bones and muscles.  Bone degeneration also starts at a younger age.


Do not stop aging

 Do not stop aging
 - The body is machine.  As the machine is used without using it, rust is taken as well as the body also.  Physical Activity
 Increasingly early can be prevented by aging.
 Talk about walking instead of sitting on the phone while talking on the phone.
 Do yourself a small job at home.  Do not stay in one place.
 The organism that is used less is soon wound up.  At first, the problem of knee problem is more.  Be prepared for an active lifestyle so that it does not happen.
 Make habit of walking in the morning and evening.  Yoga and Beaten

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Know, Benefit Of Living In Relationships...

Know, Benefit Of Living In Relationships...

We have been in a tradition for years that both and their families take care of each other before marriage. For this we are given full time between engagement and marriage. This currency has returned to a new era with slight changes and it is called Live in Relationship.

However, there are discussions about relations between India and India. However, young people are getting very positive with them. That's why its advantages and disadvantages have been discussed here.


By staying in this way you can better understand the partner. It can be separated by breakup if both are not between. Which is a better option than Divorce. Understanding how responsibilities can be shared if both are working.

In addition to this, couples in the live-in relationship are able to solve problems rather than invoke their parents. Which is essential for their underlying.


If you do not have a physical relationship with a live-in relationship and you do not get married then this is a big problem. Second, after being together, there is nothing to do to find each other in each other. As a result, in this relationship, girls have to face many difficulties in building relationships with others.

Have You Sex In Bizarre Spots

Sex in the bedroom with a partner is a common thing. You can have sex in the living room or in the bathroom but now you want to try a new place? If yes, then we will suggest you where your experience of love will be a delightful experience.

Sex In The Balkani

If you have private balcony, you are lucky because you can enjoy sex there. If this is not the case, then cover the balcony with an earlier arrangement in the balcony, so that the private moments do not have the risk of leaking.

Sex In The Kitchen

You can also give a surprise to the strange wife in the kitchen. This increases the heat of relationships. The advantage of sex here is that you can use the things used here as a sexual act.

Sex In The Car

Do you have sex in the car? The idea of having sex in the car with your wife is thrilling. The fun of working in the car in Kerryfree mode is very different. However, be aware that the car that has been parked on the parking lot should be away from the crowd or the police.

Night Camping

If you like the adventures, take the partner together, take a tent and leave for knight camping. Between the beauty of Nature, you will have a different type of sexual experience under the open sky.

Among The Couples This Spaces Are The Most Fights,If You Alert ...

Among The Couples This Spaces Are The Most Fights,If You Alert 

There is a small  and big matter between husband and wife. In a married life, there is a common point of struggle with love. That person is angry with the person who is close to him. Marriage with marriage plans lives in quarrels. Usually this station is the same for every couple. That is, when couples are in such places, they are most likely to have a quarrel.

Group Dinner

When you go for dinner in the group, most of the men praise other beautiful women. At this time he forgets what his wife thinks about the praise. No woman can tolerate that her husband praises another woman and she too has her own group. From this point of view, the argument between Dapanti starts. So when you go out of this way, take special care before any other woman praises.

During the preparation of the roam

Most fights occur if a couple is going on a trip. By packing luggage, there is a quarrel over the choice of the hotel.

During a function

Whenever a partner or any other partner goes to a fun or wedding ceremony, the other partner produces inferiority complex. The likelihood of a quarrel increases as husband spouses compare themselves with other cups.

Fights In The Car

The couple got the maximum fight. During the conversation, there is an outrage in mind, and anger goes out for the partner at the same time. Apart from this, if men get stuck in traffic, they get angry at their wife.

This Reason You Would Like To Have Sex In The Hotel

This Reason You Would Like To Have Sex In The Hotel

If you are tired of having sex in one place, you may want to have sex in the hotel. The days went when the hotel was sexually secluded lover. Actually, such sexes get rid of boring life. Why is sex in the hotel best.

All of them believe that the fun of sex is different in a relaxed mood. There is no hurry to go to the office or go home at work in the morning. Daily responsibilities have no tension.

You can only enjoy sex and sex life. A research has found that having sex in the hotel gives you fresh memories of early days of relationship and romance doubles. Experts say that tension affects the desire to intercourse. Therefore, to stay away from stress, hotel sex is a good option.

One reason for spoiling sex life is bad sex. Therefore there experts recommend to do a new test. In-House sex is a good option for sex.

The life of each married woman and man will become beautiful after reading this

The life of each married woman and man will become beautiful after reading this

In one family, there were four members with husband, wife and two children. A day after dinner, the husband and wife were talking on the roof of the house. The husband said, Tomorrow Bano was very sad to call me on my mobile phone. Brother and sister-in-law now earnestly do not care.

Before she said anything to her husband, she said, If brother or sister does not pay attention to the earnest money then what do we have to do? The husband said softly,I think that taking my wife to our house is. Being angry at this age is not good. Why do I stay and trouble me?

The wife said in a loud voice, Do you think that Bani's problem and I have no idea of ​​my problem? If I come, my work will increase, my independence will be snatched, I have to be in the service of all those I can not bear. If you think so much then you should come to the door but I do not want to come into this house.

The next day the wife went out for some work, then her husband brought her home. Arrange to stay in the following room for Ba. When the wife came home from the outside, she noticed that some of the room in the room below was lying in the outer hall.

She asked her husband, Why did you get out of this stuff?

The husband said in a loud voice, I do not want to stay with me and I have brought Bani to you and have put the luggage in the following room so that extra luggage can be taken out.

The wife's anger reached the seventh heaven after listening to her husband. I do not want you to stay in this house for a day. Please return them or else I will go to my brother.

The voice came from the next room, Son, you do not have to come to me. I am coming here. You did not bring your father to your son because he was not your brother-in-law, his brother-in-law bothered your wife.

Hearing the voice of the mother, the wife's anger disappeared in a moment. Went into the running room and opened the door. His beliefs were stubborn because he kept crying in front of his eyes.

Husband said to his wife, If you love your mother a lot, do not I have any right to love my mother?

Every woman loves her parents as much as they love. If her mother-in-law can do to father-in-law, then no child will be separated from her parents. If you want to save your brother and sister-in-law as your daughter, then what is the problem in saving your mother in law?

Know These Techniques To Increase Sex Power,It Will Be Two Fold,

Know These Techniques To Increase Sex Power,It Will Be Two Fold,

Women also want romance with sex Because of that, his hopes or desires for sexuality are different from that of men. Men do not know all these things, so the kind of love or sex they want their partner to become astrologer. If you want to make relationships for a long time, once you need this thing. Due to bad habits and bad food in today's times, boys' body lacks essential nutrients. The lack of nutrients makes the boys very weak.

The lack of strength in the body of the boys due to lack of essential nutrients in the body. Due to the lack of physical strength in the body, sometimes the physical life of the boys also gets spoiled. Due to the lack of physical strength, the body of the boys becomes so weak that whenever the boys make up their sperm gets out very quickly. Because of this, the boys can not make physical connections properly. For this reason, boys have to face shyness while building relationships. Therefore, today we will tell you about an effective medicine that can be used for 45 consecutive days to remove the physical weakness of the person.

To measure it, a person needs only 2 items. These two things are used in cow's milk and coconut powder. Cow's milk, vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, proteins and potassium are also present. There are many other qualities too. There are many such qualities in cow's milk. For the body of boys which is very important. Coach seeds are such things that have a rich dose of Persia. The continuous use of cocromatic powder increases the physical strength of the boys. To increase your physical strength, you add a spoonful of stinging ginger powder to cow's milk and then mix it. There will be a lot of changes in your body in a few days after doing this continuously. While using the prescription, keep in mind that the effect of any remedy does not occur in just one week. Instead, the effect of any measure only happens when the remedy continues. So this measure requires at least 45 days of time.

If there is a lack of sperm in the body, then start eating these two things, then the mermaid will increase in 10 days. Due to the bad eating habits of nowadays it is common for many men to have sperm deficiency or a disease known as oligospermia. Pollution-filled atmosphere and bad habits of today cause the absence of sperm in the body of men. Due to the decrease in the number of pigs, males also fail to produce children and as a result, impotence occurs in men. So today we are going to tell you about things to increase the spamming. With which the boy can overcome the lack of spermatozoos.

Horse powder and milk are considered very beneficial to remove sperm from the body. You will have to use Astro's prescription regularly for 45 days. Mix the Ashwagandha Powder in a glass of milk in the milk before bedtime. This measure will increase your number of sperm count faster as well. Your body's weakness will also be removed. Cochin is very useful herbs. Many people also use shellfish seeds Regular use of coconut seeds increases production of men's sperm and improves the quality of boys. The conch shell is also used to remove the lack of sperm. Mix one tablespoon cumin powder with cow's milk every day and drink it every day. This recipe is very beneficial and many of these recipes have benefited from the Okone. So if you have a problem like physical impairment, lack of semen or impotence, then you will benefit greatly from this recipe. You should try this recipe at least once. By doing this you feel the difference between your body within 20 to 25 days.